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Hi, I’m Winnie. Please check out the services I offer.

By making me part of your team, you can focus more on other important decisions as a professional and business owner. I am currently enrolled in marketing and advertising courses and on the lookout for freelancing gigs. I will be updating my portfolio as I go through my courses and freelancing works.

A graduate of Education with a major in English, I passed the board exam on August 2005. I can also speak Spanish.

My work history include teaching, writing and customer service. I am passionate about helping people and I love learning new things.

I am looking for long term positions but will also accept one-time projects. If given the chance, I can help your business thrive by providing premium freelancing services.

My commitment is to deliver the best in everything I do.

Administrative Support

I am very detail oriented and results driven who can work efficiently under minimum supervision. I can help you keep your business running and thriving by providing you the best in administrative tasks such as data entry, scheduling, email handling, transcription, proofreading and editing including Spanish to English translation.

Customer Service/Support

I have excellent customer service skills. I can take care of your customers’ inquiries and concerns by phone, chat or email. As a frontliner to your company, providing timely resolutions and positive customer experience are my primary objectives. Making customers feel valued is the most important ingredient in customer service. This will keep your customers coming back and will, in turn, help you with your company’s reputation and growth.

Social Media Management

I am a great communicator. I can manage your social media accounts by creating relevant and valuable content that will keep your followers engaged and will help your accounts grow. I am fluent in English and Spanish which will give me the ability to communicate with a wider audience around the world.

Writing, Proofreading and Editing

I have a strong command of the English language. Reading and writing have always been my passions. I can create relevant and valuable content for your social media accounts, websites or blogs. I love to read and have great attention to detail. I can write just about anything under the sun. If it requires research, I can do that, too! I am very independent and can work without supervision but also collaborative and have no problem in following instructions. I also have knowledge about basic SEO strategies.

Let me know how I can help.

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