How To Keep Employees Motivated In A Work-From-Home Setting

Motivation is what keeps employees engaged and focused despite being under minimum supervision. Working from home may be a perfect set up for those who hate long commutes and traffic. It doesn’t mean, though, that an employee is always looking forward to being at work simply because the office is just a few feet awayContinue reading “How To Keep Employees Motivated In A Work-From-Home Setting”

Freelancing and Writing: An Introvert’s Journey

As a student, I excelled in English. I never doubted my proficiency and writing has always been my passion. I used to write mostly for self-expression until one day someone asked me to write articles for 2 local newspapers. I wrote for the editorial page as a columnist. One paid me 100 pesos for eachContinue reading “Freelancing and Writing: An Introvert’s Journey”

Fragments of my childhood

Young, miserable, but hopeful Dreaming of better days Admiring the sun and the blue skies Wondering what’s beyond Listening to the leaves Watching the branches of the trees The mountains beyond my reach The birds are flying by, united they seem I love waking up in the morning After a night of rain The airContinue reading “Fragments of my childhood”

What is Impostor Syndrome and How to Overcome It?

Have you ever felt inadequate despite your accomplishments, like you’re not good enough even when people tell you otherwise? Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve your success? Are you afraid of being exposed as a fraud? Apparently, there’s a name for it. I never really knew what Impostor Syndrome was until recently. IContinue reading “What is Impostor Syndrome and How to Overcome It?”

How A Change In Mindset Has Improved My Financial Well-Being and Self-Esteem

In December of 2017, despite having received my salary, quarterly incentive and 13th month pay, I still found myself broke and worried about next month’s expenses. I was working since 2005 but had no savings. I mean I tried but somehow always ended up with nothing. After more than 10 years, I was earning moreContinue reading “How A Change In Mindset Has Improved My Financial Well-Being and Self-Esteem”

Brand Ambassador Scams

I recently received an invitation from @officialherteam about being a brand ambassador. They said they loved my account. At first, I thought, wow! I don’t even have that many followers and I’m already receiving an invitation from a company?! But then, I noticed the profile that was used to message me had zero post, zeroContinue reading “Brand Ambassador Scams”

My Freelancing Journey

I’ve always wanted to be freelancer for as long as I can remember. It was way back before the pandemic. I probably read about freelancing as I browsed through the internet or a book or a newspaper or a magazine. I can barely remember. I knew there was a market, an industry that cater toContinue reading “My Freelancing Journey”

Gratitude in a Difficult Time

How have you been handling the pandemic, so far? This difficult time has devastated many of us regardless of our status in life. Some of us have managed to keep our jobs and work from home. This, however, doesn’t mean that we are not affected by what is happening around us. Our mental health hasContinue reading “Gratitude in a Difficult Time”