How To Keep Employees Motivated In A Work-From-Home Setting

how to keep employees motivated in a work from home setting

Motivation is what keeps employees engaged and focused despite being under minimum supervision. Working from home may be a perfect set up for those who hate long commutes and traffic. It doesn’t mean, though, that an employee is always looking forward to being at work simply because the office is just a few feet away from the bed. So, how do we keep employees motivated? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Communication – Set the record straight. What are your expectations? What are the rules and limitations? Communication, however, doesn’t always have to be about work. Make sure to check on your employees. Ask them how they’re coping. Make them feel seen and heard not only as employees but as people, who are more than just statistics in your business report.
  1. Recognition – Appreciate them. Just because employees are working from home doesn’t mean they are working less or having the time of their lives. It can be difficult for different reasons. Some are living with other family members, others with small children and others have elderly to take care of. It can be exhausting having to divide your attention between family and work in one place. So, thank them even if it’s just for showing up. 
  1. Continuing Education – Provide your employees the necessary tools that they can use to keep learning remotely. Working from home doesn’t mean that they are stuck. Provide them the avenue to grow professionally. Give them activities where they can showcase their abilities. Most of all, allow them to move forward or upward from their current role. 
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  1. Trust and Understanding – Now, it is normal that employers are anxious about having people work remotely without much supervision. Most companies have to adapt to the new normal. This means that they have to trust their employees more not only in doing their job but also in keeping company information secure. This, however, doesn’t mean that an employee will not commit mistakes occasionally. When this happens, employers have to be more understanding and provide proper guidance so that it won’t happen again. Employees don’t have to feel threatened that a single mistake will cost them their jobs, especially in these difficult times.
  1. Setting Boundaries – Just because employees are working from home doesn’t mean that they are on call 24 hours a day. They may have families, children, spouses, parents, etc. And even if employees live on their own, they still have lives outside of work. They still have to look after their well-being and do things that are not related to work. Some have side hustles, second jobs, or simply hobbies. Let them breathe. Don’t call them outside of work or at times when they should be sleeping. 
  1. Providing Support – Mental health issues have increased significantly with the pandemic. Make sure to provide support. Have a dedicated line where employees can call if they need someone to talk to. As we all know, some employees live on their own. Others may be too overwhelmed with responsibilities that they need to unload some of the burdens. It helps to have a support system. 
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  1. Time for Fun and Creativity – Allow employees to have fun. Schedule meetings not only to talk about work and metrics but also to share about what’s going on in each other’s lives. Make plans even if the pandemic is not over yet. Have something to look forward to. Talk about “nothing” and just be there for each other. Talk about silly stuff and just share the laughter. Loosen up a bit. Also, create activities that will encourage creativity. Start a contest or raffle. Anything that doesn’t have to be about work.

People are the most important asset in an organization. Make sure to take care of them. They are not just employees, they are part of the company. When you take care of them, they will take care of the business.

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