Freelancing and Writing: An Introvert’s Journey

As a student, I excelled in English. I never doubted my proficiency and writing has always been my passion. I used to write mostly for self-expression until one day someone asked me to write articles for 2 local newspapers. I wrote for the editorial page as a columnist. One paid me 100 pesos for each article. I did it at least once a week for 2 years when I was in college. When I left the academe, I stopped writing and was always too tired to even read. So, as I got older, I also started to feel a little insecure about my ability. When I looked back on all my writings, I cringed. They eventually ended up in the shredder. No regrets there, though. That’s just me letting go of things that no longer “spark joy.”

Despite this, writing is still my passion. I’ve recently started my blog because there are great opportunities for this niche. However, there’s also a huge competition. At this point, I’m just trying to go with the flow, and learn and write as much as I can. Times have changed since the last time I wrote something. I’m trying to build my online presence. I’m not much of a social media person, for privacy and mental health reasons. But since I’m getting into freelancing, I believe it’s one of the most important things I should start with. I usually like to be the person behind the the scene. I don’t like the spotlight at all. Nonetheless, I do have to make an effort if I want to get out there and be noticed.

As of today, I’m close to 500 followers in LinkedIn and almost 200 in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I know I’m not quite there yet, but for an introvert like me, these numbers are significant. I’m quite surprised to have grown my social media since I’ve only started in October last year and I wasn’t even expecting anything. I just created them for self-expression and in order to have accounts to practice on for my freelancing course. Although, I do love engaging through the comment section. I have yet to get used to posting consistently. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable sharing my thoughts. It makes me feel vulnerable, naked for the world to see.

I hope to be able to apply everything I’m learning now to my works, personally or professionally. I recognize that there’s a need to create more content for my website and social media. I’m a passionate person. I like to be in touch with who I am at the core and be able to create from there. I don’t know what the future will be, but for now, I will do as much as I can.

Giving up is not an option regardless of the result of all my efforts. I had given up so many times in the past. I regret having missed so many opportunities for self-improvement and perhaps, even work opportunities. All these years working, I should have continued writing and building my portfolio even if it’s only for personal reasons. After all, we must always do what we feel passionate about even if we don’t get paid for it. Passion is who we are. It’s something that we should nurture. I’m in this journey now. There’s a reason why I’ve come back to writing. As long as I don’t stop, I know good things will come out of this. So, if you’re someone like me, don’t lose hope. Keep going. Do what you love. Follow your passion. Learn. Upskill. Do whatever it takes to be a better version of yourself. Let’s grow together.

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