Fragments of my childhood

Young, miserable, but hopeful
Dreaming of better days
Admiring the sun and the blue skies
Wondering what's beyond
Listening to the leaves
Watching the branches of the trees
The mountains beyond my reach
The birds are flying by, united they seem

I love waking up in the morning
After a night of rain
The air smells of earth
The leaves are wet with dewdrops
They sparkle like stars, like tiny diamonds
Against the rays of the sun
I walk and watch the grass under my feet
The ground wet, my feet cold, the earth green

At night, I stand by the kitchen door
Watching the mountains ahead
The full moon staring back at me
My heart in awe of its beauty
I close my eyes and wish
A little girl dreaming of a different world
Believing in a different life
Longing for a different self

These days, I go back to these moments
I remember the girl who used to dream
Who prayed at night for a beautiful life
The passion, the hope, the courage
The girl who would stare at the trees
The leaves, the grass, the sky, the moon
The girl who loved dewdrops
Amused, with a giggling heart

Young, miserable, but hopeful.

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